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ERETS (European Research Establishment for the Sustainable Space) is a private organization dedicated to Space research in United Kingdom. By embracing a pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit, questioning the status quo, we work for a space revolution with Artificial intelligence. Erets is the first British company as a visionary initiative to contribute to a sustainable future beyond the earth with cutting edge space technology. Erets is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Starting 2024, plans to open Erets Space exploration lab in UK.

We are developing a unique technology for sustainable space. Our mission is to design space orbital vehicle to eliminate space debris from the Lower earth orbit. Process involved with various research in Optics, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotics and High-end propulsion system.

We are a team of International- multi-disciplined Scientists, Researchers, Project Managers, Astronomers, Physicists, Analysts and Designers come from leading space integrators and universities. Our Advisory panel consists of experienced scientists, Business analysts and specialists in Aerospace licensing/regulatory laws retired from Space research organisations, universities, and Corporate companies.

We are experimenting with new innovative models and manufacturing methodologies that are lean and efficient. We are spearheading innovative space missions, and we foster and inspire a new generation to dream and reach for the stars.