Redefining Space

We are spearheading Sustainable Innovative Space Mission

Erets -D is a Mission to Remove Debris from the Orbit

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The Elusive Peril Of Space Debris – Troubled Orbits And Earthly Concerns

Space debris prompts questions about how we can live with the material remains of technological endeavours past and yet to come. Although techno-societies fundamentally rely on space infrastructures, they so far have failed to address the infrastructural challenge of debris. Only very recently has the awareness of space debris as a severe risk to both space and Earth infrastructures increased within the space community. One reason for this is the renewed momentum of interplanetary space exploration, including the colonization of the Moon and Mars, which is part of transhumanist and commercially driven dreams of the so-called New Space age.

Total Mass of Space Objects in LEO

Space Debris Greater Than 10cm

Debris Greater Than 1mm to 1cm

Debris Greater Than 1cm to 10cm

Non Active Objects in Orbit

Non-Functional Objects Per Year

Our Mission

Erets – European Research Establishment for the Sustainable Space, our pioneering mission is to remove 1- 10 cm Space debris from Lower Earth Orbit. Being on a high debris density orbit Erets-D is engineered to attain a precise attitude concerning the targeted debris. As soon as Erets-D has a line-of-sight field on view to the debris it aligns itself and deorbits the debris toward the earth's atmosphere. Making space clean and sustainable for space explorations.

It’s an enormously challenging task but we have made incredible progress throughout our Research. Erets is at the forefront of an inevitable shift to redefine space. By fusing optics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics, we are thriving for the future sustainable space. Leading an unrivalled team to solve problems never solved before, our leadership includes seasoned veterans and experts from the world’s most renowned aerospace, institutions, and technology companies.

Simulation Showing Erets-D Deorbiting Debris when it Comes in Range or LOS

Debris Catalogue – ESA, Astriagraph, SpaceTrack



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